For those in the world who can’t get enough of Senator Cory Bernardi, the conservative South Australian Senator and leader of the right-wing version of GetUp says he is starting a podcast to keep everyone up to date with his musings. In a short audio preview yesterday, Bernardi said that he had previously done audio updates, but now he’s back with the “Common Sense Podcast”, a partner to his weekly newsletter “Weekly Dose of Common Sense”. He wants it to be an “easy to access common sense” and says he will be unscripted for a few minutes every day. Which is a wonder because we never thought he was scripted before.

Bernardi has already updated the podcast today, giving his view on the announcement that the cabinet had made a decision on the wording, date and funding of the marriage plebiscite. Bernardi said the question asked should not contain “marketing slogans” or be “loaded”, giving his approval to the agreed-upon wording, “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”. He also gives the tick of approval to the timing and funding of the plebiscite and labels Bill Shorten’s claim that young LGBTI people would be at risk of suicide due to a plebiscite debate as “vile, emotional baggage to lay on people” who do not want marriage equality.