Lamestream Media Department: Poor old Chris Mitchell. The ex-Oz editor’s batshit crazy Monday meeja column is now completely unhinged. After having a go at Twitter and all new media back to the delivery of telegrams by vacuum-tube flasks, Mitchell turns his sights on … the ABC. Why? Well, because they framed an argument in terms of a wider issue!!! The bastards. Let Eraserhead himself take it over:

“Michael Brissenden on ABC AM on Tuesday morning with Stephen Conroy, Cory Bernardi and in a lengthy interview with Attorney-General George Brandis seemed determined to steer his Dastyari coverage to the wider, and separate, issue of political donations reform.”

One sentence later:

“Admittedly Bernardi bought into this line too …”

Wow. Great get, Woodstein. The ABC’s take on an issue was the same as Cory Bernardi’s, therefore they is in t.e.h pocketz of t.e.h leftz. Keep coming up with zingers like that and the new management will be running your pieces halfway through the bowls results. Still, at least that bouffant hairdo suits you for the role of feather duster — Guy Rundle