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Sep 12, 2016

Census in field staff crisis

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is reportedly struggling to find field staff to collect the outstanding forms before the September 23 deadline.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is facing another crisis over its census bungling as it struggles to find willing staff to collect the outstanding census forms, which were due more than a month ago.

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3 thoughts on “Census in field staff crisis

  1. Aethelstan

    Did someone cut the resources of the Australian Public Service a little bit over-enthusiastically… ….

  2. Séan Quinn

    “Omnishambles”, a great word coined to describe policy implementation in the UK. Is the common element here Crosby and Textor, or does the rot go all the way back to M Hilda?

  3. Will

    Today a census field staffer actually begged me to come and look at my neighbour’s front door with him because, after 4 visits, the neighbour had not responded to his repeated pamphlet drops. When I suggested that perhaps my neighbour was, you know . . . like, at sea, the census guy started blubbering incoherently. Seriously, utterly effin’ surreal!