Australia’s whiniest columnist appeared at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney last weekend, where his main complaint was about the “victim industry” that Australia has developed. The Guardian wrote up an account of his appearance, and commenters on the article were very, very mean. And Andrew Bolt, as we  know, is very, very persecuted.

So persecuted is he that he complained about the comments on his blog, on his TV show and in his print newspaper column, which is syndicated across News Corp’s wide-reaching tabloids. It’s no wonder he feels put-upon, as how will he ever get his side of the story out?

Says Bolt:

“Never will you find on my blog such a sustained level of hatred and abuse in a single thread as Alex has promoted with this one post at the Guardian.

“There must be morally serious people of the Left who on seeing this explosion of gleeful hate must wonder at the kind of people they now preach to, and which the Guardian incites.”

We were going to take his word for it that you would never find hatred and abuse on his blog, but we couldn’t help ourselves and had to have a looksee. A selection of what we found:

“How did [Gillian] Triggs even get that job in the first place . Must be the same idiots who choose the judges who let criminals off with light sentaces . Triggs is unemployable in the real world except by the Greens and they live in a fairyland with no free speech .”

“Triggs and the AHRC are both disasters. Triggs needs to be replaced and consideration be given as to whether the AHRC does any good and is it worth having or is it just a make well paid but useless work organisation”

“I haven’t seen too many MPS wearing safari suits according to the rules – not since 1970, anyway. I suppose we should be grateful [Pat] Dodson’s wearing a suit and nor in corroboree war paint like Linda Burney was, at the opening.”

“It is a ‘traditional hat’ and is as fair dinkum as traditional ‘dot’ painting and ‘welcome to country’ ceremonies and the Stolen Generation. These tradition date all the way back to at least 1971.”

“Dodson wearing the Traditional ArrumWallams Akubra Tribal hat is perfectly OK cos it shows the complete fabrication of the Indig Industry.”

“You have obviously not met the Dodsons before the hats and beards , take away the hat and beard and what do you have.”

“[Tim] Flannery is Australia’s own Baghdad Bob.”

We will leave the final word to another comment on Bolt’s blog:

“Stop constantly playing the victim, Andrew. It’s getting boring.”

— Cass Knowlton