Wow, to judge by the latest episodes in the 18C/18D follies, the right really love losing on this issue. They loooooooooove losing. They lost in 2014, and they're losing again. This pathetic beat-up based on one current gnarly court case isn't worth an article (update, after writing it: I wrote one), but a few points are worth making:

1) If you want to know when this one was lost for the second time, it was when Colin Rubenstein published a pro 18C/18D piece in the Oz last Thursday. Rubenstein's arguments were indistinguishable from those that would be posed by any people of colour, multicultural or indigenous group -- but they would never have got such a piece in the Oz. Rubinstein is a right-wing Zionist cold warrior of decades standing, and an ally of many of the people pushing for the law to be changed. The "abolish/modify" crowd will disparage the multicultural community lobby as enemies of freedom blah blah, but they won't say boo to Rubenstein or others. Just watch. Which affirms my point. The opposition of multicultural community bodies makes any change unlikely. The opposition of Jewish community peak bodies kills it stone dead. (Bolt has had a go at the Jewish peak bodies, but in his typical self-pitying aggrandising fashion -- essentially accusing them of disloyalty to him, despite his years of support for Israel, etc.)