Poor Quadrant. The conservative magazine has had its funding stripped by the cruel Australia Council (which in turn has had its funding stripped by one George Brandis, but that’s neither here nor there), and it is left at the mercy of the cold winds of capitalism. Which, it turns out, are far crueler than guaranteed government money.

Quadrant failed to publish on September 1 as it was supposed to because it is some serious need of a private enterprise cash injection:

“Apologies are in order. The latest edition of Quadrant should have gone live and online this morning at a few minutes after midnight, but our creaking publishing system failed yet again. We need a new one — and the only way to get it is with the support of our readers.

“Recently stripped of all Australia Council funding, Quadrant depends entirely on the support of those who care about free speech, the blessings of free markets and property rights. At a time when the shameless Left never ceases to mine taxpayers’ pockets to the organs of expand its indoctrination, all the while denouncing as moral lepers any who dare to disagree, a dissenting voice has never been more vital.”

Now, now, envy is never a good look. Here is Peter Smith in, oh look, Quadrant:

“Organisations and individuals have sprung up to put coveting on a professional basis. They encourage coveting by undermining self-reliance and sowing seeds of envy, discontent and entitlement. They covet on behalf of others. That way they can feed parasitically on the results while appearing righteous.”

Stop coveting the ABC’s sweet socialist government cash, Quadrant, and stand on your very own free-market feet. Or fail. Because that is what the gods of capitalism demand.

— Cass Knowlton