Nine and Ten dominated last night in the metros and regions. Seven was left behind and the flop of its late-ish use of Bridget Jones Diary at 9.10 pm instead of Code Black which ran at 11.10pm. Bridgie had just 283,000 metro viewers, and very poor 423,000 nationally. Selling Houses Australia (not Series 5, but Series 7, according to Seven) was conspicuous by its low audience: 442,000 in the metros and a weak 732,000 nationally from 8pm. With those figures it’s no wonder Seven was third in the metros in the main channels and weak in the regions.

The Code returned to the ABC at 8.30pm: 442,000  and 668,000 nationally and The Tunnel returned at 9.30: 317,000 metro and 445,000 national viewers. Those low figures are a big thumbs down from viewers. For loyal ABC viewers to urn off The Code and The Tunnel tells us just how bad they are in the eyes of the most important people in this story: viewers. Home and Away faded again for just 678,000 metro viewers and 1,171 million nationally, thanks to the solid 493,000 regional viewers who are keeping this stalwart Seven program alive on some nights.

The Checkout did well with 725,000 metro viewers and 1.005 nationally for the ABC (emphasising what a turnoff The Code and The Tunnel were) while The Bachelor was the most watched non-news program in the metros with 857,000 and 1.141 million nationally and second after Home and Away among non-news programs. Gogglebox’s audience faded from that level to average 619,000 metro viewers and 934,000 nationally.