This emailed journal has, for more than a decade, started with the words “Crikey says”, an editorial we composed about an issue of the day. Sometimes it was funny, often it was irreverent, and we tried to make it thought-provoking.

But the time for the anonymous editorial has passed. Crikey readers are smart, and they don’t need to be told what to do by an anonymous “voice-of-god” editorial writer. If you want to read opinion, Crikey is full of commentary and analysis from smart people every single day.

Besides, the concept of “Crikey” having a single thought about a single topic each day is ludicrous. Just ask Bernard Keane or Guy Rundle about the free market. Or ask Helen Razer or Josh Taylor about the Safe Schools program. The Crikey bunker is full of interesting, complicated people with diverse opinions, politics and outlooks. “Crikey says” can’t possibly represent all of them. The idea of a monolithic news organisation with a single point of view is absurd (unless you’re The Australian), and if we can’t even agree here in the bunker, how could we present a single opinion to you?

So it’s time for it to go. We will sometimes have things to say to you, and sometimes “Crikey says” might be the best way to say them. But not every day, and not by a collective, disembodied voice. We are always changing and evolving based on the feedback we get from you — this is just one of some exciting changes coming in the next couple of months to better serve readers. As always, let us know what you think. From Monday, we won’t do the same.

Crikey editor Cass Knowlton