Sep 1, 2016

Hey nude selfie moralisers: shut up about your tits

Taking nude pictures of yourself is akin to seizing the factory machinery? Helen Razer doesn't think so.

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

Perhaps you have before heard of the promotional strategy “Kim Kardashian”. If this is the case, then it is very likely you have no wish to learn anything more about this human product. I undertake, now, to spend no more than 10 sentences describing her historic role as ambassador for the sale of the self. These might hurt, but they will be useful in helping you understand a central concern of the week, and of the present era.


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11 thoughts on “Hey nude selfie moralisers: shut up about your tits

  1. mikeb

    As a male reader it is interesting that this article comes just after I watched Ray Donovan S04E06 (Showtime TV). Ray has empathy for a young trafficked Russian girl who reminds him of his daughter. Meanwhile an aspiring starlet asks Ray to “leak” a home-made porno of herself because she wasn’t included in the phone hacking scandal that released nudies of various famous people (women basically). Here we have two young women being exploited for their bodies but one is too dumb to realise it. The other difference is that one will make money out of it whilst the other will burn…actually they will probably both end up being burnt – one sooner rather than later.

    1. Helen Razer

      I don’t mind a bit of Ray. But I haven’t seen this season, Mike, so no spoilers.
      PS I don’t think the Hollywood lady was being “exploited”. Not more than any other labourer.

      1. mikeb

        No spoilers Helen. If you know RD you’ll know that it will be messy.

  2. Paddy Forsayeth

    From a biological point of view boobs are meant to stimulate sexual interest in males at (least in our dressed society), presumably for procreation. Why a woman exposes herself to thousands must be a recent phenomenon since the sexual arousal in anonymous viewers cannot lead to any mutual activity. I should assume then these nude selfies are narcissistic in some way. There are some women whose indentity is tied up with their titties.

  3. Nudiefish

    The more I read of Helen Razer’s work the more I get interested in feminism. I confess that I find the subject a minefield and have done so since my university days over twenty years ago. Even in supporting various issues I sometimes read that I’m on the wrong side of the argument; or at least a significant school of thought. I’m not crying out that I’m a poor befuddled bloke (Ok, yes I am) I’m really stating that modern feminism has so many facets that it is impossible to nail the definitive thesis on the cathedral door. Even nude selfies have arguable philosophies. Thank you, Helen – more please.

    1. Helen Razer

      Here’s a secret, Nudiefish. The contemporary feminism about which one hears most is just a bit of old rot. It’s not coming from a complete theoretical framework and it’s more just liberalism with a bit of extra “women”. All about some version of “freedom”, which in this case is construed as that from the “patriarchy”.
      It’s not feminism’s fault. It’s people’s fault. They tend to keep dressing up the same ideas as new.
      If you want a reading list on (who I consider to be) the most important feminist thinkers, will be happy to provide.

      1. Nudiefish

        Yes please, Helen. I haven’t read anything more recent (in a deep way) since Susan Faludi.

      2. Carol Ayres

        Would love to see that list! Can you make it public?

  4. lethell

    What about reviving a mode of judgement as aesthetic as it is moral, and saying that Kardashian style selfies are just plain vulgar.

  5. Dog's Breakfast

    “Taking nude pictures of yourself is akin to seizing the factory machinery, I don’t think.”
    “The point being, we increasingly delude ourselves that there are simple moral positions to take even on human matters that the best psychoanalysts have failed to explain. ”

    Thanks Helen, yes, we delude ourselves in so many ways, and trying to rationalise the unrationalisable (?) is surely the most irrational thing we do.

    To be sane, insightful and rational in this world is an insane response. I’m trying to hold that line, sometimes, with varying degrees of success.

    Otherwise I’m with nudiefish. As a male, merely opening your mouth is sufficient reason to be labelled part of the patriarchy, so attempts to understand feminism are as doomed to failure as male attempts to understand women. Befuddled is about as good as it gets nudiefish.

  6. AR

    Wow, I almost finished a MzRaz article still conscious and aware of my surroundings.
    It only took me three attempts – I had to break off several times to do more important thing like organise my sock drawer and empty the emu’s tray.
    I too look forward to seeing a suggested reading list.

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