Ms Tips must admit that her census form is still sitting forlornly on a side table, waiting to be filled out, but since the time allotted to “pause” and think about statistics was botched on actual census night, she hasn’t found 10 minutes to actually put pen to paper. A tipster tells us that census collectors and their bosses are getting a bit antsy about those forgotten census forms getting piled under catalogues and bills on side tables across the country, sharing this extract of a message to census collectors from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, sent yesterday:

“A couple of people indicated that they felt that they had until mid-September to complete — it was important to correct these people and let them know that Census is now due and needs to be completed as soon as possible. 23rd September is the last day that the systems are open but responses will be overdue before then.”

Another tipster tells us that despite not requesting a paper form, one has been delivered as a not-too-subtle reminder that time is running out to share your data with the ABS. The census is now limping to a close, while in Canada they are celebrating their “most successful census ever”.