A tipster suggests there are potential issues with the procurement of satellite tech for the regional and rural users on the NBN who will be on the Sky Muster satellite service:

“Well for us its been 60 days since the Sky Muster set up was installed and its still not connected … hours on the phone to our ISP Activ8me and trying to contact NBN directly (mission impossible on this one) however at the end of last week I must have worn down the Activ8me support person and he let on that NBN have had a major procurement problem in the their purchase of dodgy Modems and Sub Reflector Satellite Dish units … he said many rural customers have had to have these replaced 3 – 4 – 5 times… in our case its been twice and we are waiting on another visit from a sub contracted NBN tech to most likely replace ours”

A spokesperson for NBN Co said only a small proportion of satellite dishes had been replaced since launch, and it was in no way systemic.

Activ8me, which is responsible for the modem installation, was contacted for comment.