Who’s counting?

Mick Callinan writes: Re. “On Olympics” (yesterday). Isn’t the medals per capita measure convenient? And yet carbon emissions per capita is always trashed by denialists in favour of how little we emit as a country. So could climate change denialists (and I know and say nothing about the commenter who reminded me of this good ol’ piece of Aussie hypocrisy – he was by my reading being ironic/sarcastic) PLEASE never, never boast about our per capita medal tally?

An exclusive club

Peter Grudzinskas writes: Re. “Hinch’s senate diary: first day at school” (yesterday). Derryn Hinch, Thursday August 25, 2016: “550 Senators: A far more exclusive club than for those who have worn the Baggy Green or played for the VFL/AFL.”

I call B.S: only 444 cricketers have worn the baggy green, the last being Jon Holland in 2016. (Thousands have played VFL/AFL). No biggie!