Queensland University of Technology is currently the poster child of the right in its argument to reform section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act because that section of the act is being used by a former QUT staffer against three students for a 2013 incident involving a computer lab for indigenous students. 2GB’s Alan Jones this morning pleaded with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reform the act given its impact on the three students facing a court battle (and a possible $250,000 bill for compensation), but the PM has said the government has bigger priorities for now.

It’s probably no surprise that all the attention is apparently causing divide among the student population. A tipster tells us that some green benches on a QUT campus were vandalised with stickers made to look like official QUT branding, stating one bench was for “WHITE STUDENTS ONLY” and the other stating “ATSI STUDENTS ONLY”. A spokesperson for QUT said that the university was unaware of the stickers but said that they weren’t authorised.