First far-right LNP MP George Christensen blamed Islam for an attack in Merrylands that had nothing to do with Islamic extremism, then he claimed he was justified because a shooting attack in Munich, Germany, a day later proved his point about radical Islam, despite police saying at the time there was little evidence to link the born-and-raised local with Islamic State. Yesterday, a British backpacker was murdered in a hostel in Christensen’s electorate allegedly by a French national who was reported to have shouted about Allah during the stabbing. Christensen again used this crime in a Facebook post to call for tighter border controls.

The Queensland Police Service yesterday then said the incident was “not about race or religion, it’s about individual criminal behaviour” and there was no ongoing threat as a result of the attack. Today the police said “there was no evidence of radicalisation”. On an unrelated note, Ms Tips thinks, personally, an investigation is warranted into the muppets Christensen is associating with.