The Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile's mob) held its national conference in north-west Sydney over the weekend, hearing from everybody's favourite anti-gay spokespeople -- including the Australian Christian Lobby's Lyle Shelton and Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous, the one behind the "Don't Mess with Marriage" booklet. Porteous reportedly described same-sex marriage as an "oxymoron" (his birthday was in June, but if you missed it, a dictionary might make a nice gift).

One interesting tidbit from the agenda was the screening of a 55-minute film made by New Zealand evangelical Ray Comfort called Audacity. It is a fictional film about how hard it is to be a Christian today. The main character, Peter, has a nightmare in which he is in an elevator with a lesbian couple about to be married, but he thinks twice about taking out his Bible in front of them. Spoiler: the lesbians fall to their deaths in an elevator because Peter didn't wait around to tell them it was broken. How are those things related? It's hard to say.