From the power plays in New York to the halls of student unions and back offices, Ms Tips hears that an unlikely alliance is taking shape in the Victorian branch of Young Labor. Elements of the Right factions, including the National Union of Workers and Transport Workers’ Union, have formed an alliance with the Socialist Left faction in the lead-up to the Victorian Young Labor elections, we hear.

The deal will lead to the election of the Socialist Left’s Julijana Todorovic to the role of president, even though the Socialist Left doesn’t control a large proportion of the vote. So what do the Right factions get in return? One tipster suggests it will be delegates to the Australian Young Labor conference later this year. Last year’s Young Labor elections in Victoria were a messy affair, when a deal between Right factions fell apart at the last minute, the Socialist Left’s Annalivia Carli Hannan was elected president in exchange for other positions on the executive committee.

Ms Tips understands that the far-right SDA will be left out of the deal, leaving it as the only grouping on the outer.