Malcolm Turnbull's capacity to do no right is showing no signs of abating with Eric Abetz seizing on the Prime Minister's proposal for a GST redistribution floor for Western Australia.

"Last year, the Commonwealth Grants Commission, in providing independent advice on the distribution of GST, recommended against changing the current distribution formula to assist Western Australia," Abetz said yesterday in a joint statement with the smoking ruins of the Tasmanian Liberal post-election parliamentary representation. "It is difficult to comprehend what, if anything, has changed," he added piquantly.

What's changed, as Abetz well knows, is that, having narrowly survived the federal election, Turnbull has a powerful WA bloc within his ranks that is staring at the prospect of defeat at the state level next March when the ageing and fiscally incompetent Barnett government looks to enter a second decade in power. Given Turnbull's fragile position, he's not in much of a position to hang tough in the face of demands from his colleagues -- especially after he so publicly snubbed Julie Bishop over the Kevin Rudd nomination.