How many column inches can a desperate media diarist get out of a vegan sandwich press? And how much of the coverage of said vegan sandwich press is actually accurate? Today, The Australian‘s Media Diary went into great detail about the quest by The Age‘s Bhakthi Puvanenthiran and a group of “militant vegan Fairfax journalists” to get a vegan-only sandwich press in the lunchroom at Media House in Melbourne. But Puvanenthiran isn’t a vegan, and insiders tell us they’re not even sure if there are any vegans in the Fairfax newsroom in Melbourne. Puvanenthiran has since tweeted many photos of herself eating cheese — no veganism there.

So where did the story come from? Ms Tips understands that some members of the office, believed to be employees of NBN Co — which rents space in Media House — were using the sandwich press to cook raw steaks and burgers, which was considered fairly gross by the rest of the office (Ms Tips agrees). The lunchroom barbecuers have been described as “fit-looking men” and following “paleo” diets, which is a program whose devotees only eat foods that humans would have eaten in the paleolithic era, such as supermarket-prepared hamburger, and avoid processed food and dairy. Word is, after a complaint was made to workplace services over the caveman food preparation, a vegan sandwich press was supplied without it being requested. So while Darren Davidson and Jake Mitchell used it as a chance to have a go at vegans, it’s the paleo bros causing all the fuss.