Paddy Manning

The seven-year-old Godwin Grech saga threatens to hit the headlines once more, with businessman John O'Sullivan suing Melbourne University Press and author Paddy Manning over Born to Rule, Manning's biography of Malcolm Turnbull, in which O'Sullivan is extensively mentioned in the chapter on the Grech affair.

In 2009, now-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was Liberal opposition leader and still facing a largely popular PM in Kevin Rudd. Turnbull claimed that Rudd and his treasurer, Wayne Swan, had emailed Treasury officials suggesting financial assistance through the OzCar scheme be given to a dealer who had donated a car to Rudd's campaign. The claim came from evidence given by Grech, a Treasury official. He later produced an email to support the claim, but this was discovered to be a forgery created by Grech himself. The saga left Turnbull badly damaged as opposition leader, and led to numerous inquiries by police and the Parliament.