The Australian Bureau of Statistics' decision to place the option of "no religion" above the list of different religions in the upcoming census has ruffled feathers in some Christian communities, with people concerned that an increase in people identifying as "no religion" will adversely affect their religions. The ABS made the decision to change the order of options on the question to try to capture a more accurate record of people who do not hold a faith in Australia, believing that when "no religion" was the last option on the census, many who were no longer actively involved in a religious organisation listed the faith they were brought up in. In an opinion piece in Catholic Weekly on Friday, Monica Doumit criticised the Atheist Foundation of Australia's campaign for more people to check the "no religion" box, and while the piece focuses on what constitutes Christianity, it does make the case for people to tick the "Catholic" box:

"Encouraging people to answer 'Catholic' on this census is not about winning a numbers game against the atheists (as sweet as that victory would be!) It is about reminding people who would be tempted to think that their lives are such that they could never be part of the Christian family that there is nothing which can separate them from the love of God."