There was an interesting snide insult hurled by former foreign minister Alexander Downer, currently Australian high commissioner to London, at his former spin doctoring business partners Ian Smith and Andrew Butcher in a ritzy lunch interview with The Australian Financial Review over the weekend:

“Before moving to London, Downer sat on a number of corporate boards and worked for high-end corporate advisory firm Bespoke Approach alongside influential lobbyist Ian Smith and one-time Murdoch spin doctor Andrew Butcher. It seems there are no plans to return to the private sector.

‘It’s nice to make money and that business certainly made good money but I just didn’t find it very rewarding,’ he says with another laugh. ‘How about that — I didn’t find making money very rewarding. No, I didn’t find it intellectually stimulating enough … ‘”

The art of diplomacy really seems to suit the former failed opposition leader.