Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made it official this week and asked the Australian government for its nomination for the role of United Nations Secretary General. While its been reported that this has caused ructions on both sides of politics, we hear that Rudd himself is continuing his moves towards the UN’s top job. While there is debate on how well placed he is in the field of applicants, a tipster tells us he is well-placed in the real estate sense.

Rudd and his wife, Therese Rein, are reportedly renting a townhouse in Manhattan right around the corner from the United Nations headquarters, with some serious celebrity credentials. The house was once owned by actress Katharine Hepburn, is part of a “celebrity enclave” according to its listing agents and has access to the Turtle Bay Gardens, a fancy private park. A spokesperson for Rudd says that he hasn’t moved recently, and has been in his home in New York since the start of 2015, which is near the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) where he is president. ASPI is on Park Street, further uptown than the UN — but isn’t everything close in NYC?