It’s fair to say now that, for the average person, the name “Dallas Buyers Club” is now associated with — at last count — some 300 anti-piracy lawsuits launched around the world, including in Australia. We have extensively covered how the film’s distributor, Voltage Pictures, failed spectacularly in Australia in attempting to find out the details of alleged pirates of the film in order to send threatening letters demanding payment, or else.

Now the company is in hot water of its own. According to court documents published on Fight Copyright Trolls, the producer of the film is now taking Voltage to court claiming that the company owes them $720,000 in overseas sales it has yet to pass on. In addition, the company was also supposed to hand over revenue gained from taking action against people pirating the film overseas. The film’s producer also claims, in the court document, that Dallas Buyers Club had no input into any of the court action Voltage took around the world, and the only time the producer ever heard about it was through “mostly negative media reports”.

“DBC has not received any funds, reports, updates, or any information from Voltage on the status numerous lawsuits filed around the world in the name of DBC.”

Get the popcorn out for this one.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-In-Chief of Crikey