Jul 19, 2016

‘Lure of a car crash’: why producers kept Hanson’s name in lights

Pauline Hanson is great TV talent, whatever you think of her views. It's catnip for ratings-chasing producers.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Last night on the ABC’s Q&A, Irani-born Labor Senator Sam Dastyari turned to Pauline Hanson and asked her if she’d have let him into the country. She turned to him, in apparent shock, and asked: “Are you Muslim? Really?”


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14 thoughts on “‘Lure of a car crash’: why producers kept Hanson’s name in lights

  1. Alex L

    Sam Dastyari was born in Iran, not Iraq.

    1. Alex L

      I see it’s been changed to Irani-born, should it be Iran-born or Iranian-born?

      1. Cut Snake

        Larissa was smug and condescending. Dastyari is a union hack, from the NSW school of ‘make me rich’ grubs – Tripodi, Obeid et al
        And he didn’t answer the question.
        Another question for him could be “and why did your family leave Iran in 1988?”
        “what was that, oh, persecution by Islamic extremists” ok then.

        1. Kevin Herbert

          Islamic extremists?… you mean those patriotic Iranians fighting to take back control of their country from the US?

  2. zut alors

    Let’s hope Hanson continues to resist an appearance on The Project. The public doesn’t need to witness Waleed Aly subjected to three bursts of disbelief that he’s Muslim followed by “Gee wizz!”

    Larissa Waters’ comment on Q&A re Dastyari not having three heads was inspired, a classic.

    1. AR

      I thought Waters’ comment childish and woefully spiteful.

      1. Yclept

        But it got to the point.

        1. AR

          Really? And that point was…?

  3. Dianne Longson

    Peter Meakin is wrong. Some of us do change channel. I won’t watch her; I can’t. She makes me feel physically sick. People need to stop listening and stop reacting to her. It gives her power and the MSM pushes her forward just looking for that reaction regardless of the harm she does to Australia and its citizens.

  4. Bill

    I was astonished at Hanson’s attitude and response to Sam Dastyari. As if he was some kind of alien.
    Feed the masses… if the only value this appalling person has is to sell advertising on TV then we have sunk pretty bloody low.

  5. graybul

    After twenty plus years of honing political, media and leadership skills Hanson is at the peak of her powers. She is the face and voice of a growing minority of abandoned Australians.

    Our political elites have manufactured a space and belief for Hanson and a broader membership yet to emerge. We delude ourselves if we think the wily Howard, or someone of similar ilk will again strip Hanson of key policy by embracing it as their own. The elites have suborned innocence and retreat denies our reality.

  6. AR

    I note that Dastyari did not answer the question.

    If he was born of a muslim mother, to a muslim father in a muslim country he is deemed to be a muslim within his cohort.

    If he sez he is no longer a muslim he becomes an apostate which is not a recipe for success in the umma.

    A substantial proportion of whom would be ALP supporters.

    If he sez he is, many of the umma might query which brand – another source of interest & conflict amongst muslims.

    A worrying, apparently increasing, number of whom feel the right to decree other muslims “to be of the wrong sort of muslim”.’

    For example, given the region whence he hails, he might be an Alevi or some other sect thought to be heretical – still a lively concept with co-religionists.

    He might be shia, he might be sunni, it is of no interest to me nor of any importance unless it somehow affects the way he does his job.

    It appears, however, to be of lethal consequence to large numbers of unstable, (I did mention ‘increasingly so’ didn’t I?) individuals throughout the world.

    Distressingly so in certain areas.

    Of course, he could in fact have been miraculously & fortuitously born a christian but that would be a tale in, and of, itself.

    The point is that a person’s religion should be of no concern to anyone but them.

    Islam insists that it is a matter for the umma – where the power to enforce that exists there is no such thing a freedom of religion.

    As A/G Brandis has decreed, “people have the right to be a bigot”.

    What they do NOT have the right to do, in modern developed societies, is wreak the result of their bigotry on another.

    Religious delusion is sad but it should be a private matter.

    We would not permit other, possibly deleterious, delusions to take place in public so why religion?

    Freedom of religion is one thing. How about freedom FROM religion?

  7. klewso

    “Australian TV – catering to the Springerphile demographic….. Pass the soap.”

  8. drsmithy

    Hanson was completely out of her depth, but the rest of the panel behaved pretty poorly as well. Needlessly patronising, belittling and bullying.

    That sort of disrespect does nobody any favours.

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