Jul 18, 2016

Tony Abbott ‘yearns for justice’ but ignores airline’s role in MH17

Tony Abbott wants justice for victims of MH17. But he should consider the culpability of the airline, not just of Russia.

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

MH17 crash site

Tony Abbott still “yearns for justice” over the downing of MH17 in Ukraine, killing 38 Australians two years ago yesterday. If he really had the guts to take on the findings of the Dutch Safety Board’s inquiry he’d also be seeking justice for the victims from a airline that ignored the most basic of safety considerations in choosing to use disputed airspace over eastern Ukraine.


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7 thoughts on “Tony Abbott ‘yearns for justice’ but ignores airline’s role in MH17

  1. James O'Neill

    “Any reasonable person following the atrocity would lean, very strongly, to the conclusion that it was launched by a Russian unit operating against Ukraine separatists from inside the contested Ukraine claimed territory.” This is new! The first time I have read this theory and I have closely followed the MH17 saga (and published several articles) on it.
    In fact, the claim is completely evidence free. The only claim publicly made as to who fired the alleged BUK missile from where has come from John Kerry. The americans have since refused to release their satellite data to the public although it has been given to the Dutch Security Service (see Westerbeke’s public letter).
    Superintendent Andrew Donoghue, who leads the Australian part of the JIT has given evidence under oath (at the coronial inquiry) that the evidence of it even being a BUK missile does not meet the standards required to be used as evidence in a court.
    As to the flight path of MH17 your might have noted that planes fly where directed by air traffic control, as is the case here. You might also have noted in this context that the Ukrainians have refused to release the recordings of the air traffic controllers and the aircraft.
    You may have read the DSB Report, but you clearly have not read the appendices, in particular appendix T which summarises the report of the Dutch Security Services. They concluded that there was no evidence that the separatists had possession of a BUK missile; no evidence that they had the technical capability of firing it; and no evidence of any motive to do so.
    I agree that the media have done a poor job of presenting the evidence, but I suspect this is because of a strong anti-Russian bias that permeates so much of the reporting of Russian matters. I hesitate to call it ‘analysis’.
    That poor job is matched by much of the alternative media and I am afraid that this article is another example.

    1. michael lacey

      Good comment in reply James! I have been following it closely as well and find a lot of holes in this heavily politicized event!

  2. AR

    I cannot recall even the most foam flecked, swivel eyed claiming that it was Russian troops who brought down MH17, never mind suggesting any motive, much less a credible one.

    1. Itsarort

      Yep, absolutely no credible proof here or any where that it was Russian. And, given that the Ruskies are just a tad more professional than the Ukraine hacks, I have serious doubts…

  3. old greybearded one

    I can recall a number of people suggesting just that about Russia, just not deliberately targeting the airliner as such. Given Putin’s antics, it is a perfectly reasonable scenario, Russian advisors etc. However these comments miss the point. Yet again we have citizens killed by a rogue airline which lies and deceives. The anti Russia lobby distracts from this and Abbott of course was played a big noting fool, a role he excels in.

  4. Jaybuoy

    Clownshoes has lived on Fantasy Island for a long time..the plane .. the plane..

  5. klewso

    Abbott’s like Dorothy (Gales) – the only difference being her black and white world was in Kansas.

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