Australia’s 45th Parliament could have 43 women MPs sitting among its 150 members. But they are not equally split between the parties. The Liberal-National Coalition is likely to have just 13 women among their 76 MPs, while the Labor Party is projected to have 28 women in their 69-seat bloc; that’s 17.1% compared to 40.6%. Rebekha Sharkie from the Nick Xenophon Team and independent Cathy McGowan will take their places on the crossbench.

The ALP currently has a gender quota of 40% female MPs, with the goal of increasing the quota to 50-50 within the next 10 years. Results from the 2016 election demonstrate clearly the effectiveness of quotas for increasing the representation of women in leadership.

Voluntary quotas are some of the most effective mechanisms to increase female representation in parliaments. Countries such as Norway, Iceland and Sweden have some of the highest levels of female representation in their legislative bodies because of voluntary party quotas.