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Come you masters of war/ You that build the big guns/ You that build the death planes/ You that build all the bombs/ You that hide behind walls/ You that hide behind desks/ I just want you to know/ I can see through your masks

“I thought about the morality of this very, very, very deeply and I thought it was the right thing to do … I don’t accept that all of the deaths that occurred in Iraq since 2003 are directly the result of the intervention. I think a lot of the chaos now is a result of a premature American withdrawal.” — John Howard, July 7, 2016

You that never done nothin’/ But build to destroy/ You play with my world/ Like it’s your little toy/ You put a gun in my hand/ And you hide from my eyes/ And you turn and run farther/ When the fast bullets fly

“We’ve seen, too, how wrong most alarmist predictions about the futility and impossibility of effective US action have been, just as they were about the Gulf War in 1991. They will be seen as similarly alarmist after the US successfully completes its coming Iraq campaign.” — Greg Sheridan, September 5, 2002

Like Judas of old/ You lie and deceive/ A world war can be won/ You want me to believe/ But I see through your eyes/ And I see through your brain/ Like I see through the water/ That runs down my drain

“It still remains to be seen whether Wilkie’s judgment on the precise threat from Saddam’s weapons program is right — but we already know his judgment on the costs of removing that very real threat by invading Iraq was wrong. Thankfully, the Government ignored it, because here’s the bottom line: If it had listened to Wilkie, Saddam would still be in power, armed with weapons Wilkie himself has said could fall into the hands of terrorists. Instead, Saddam is gone, and Iraq liberated from his tyranny with astonishingly few casualties, and it is the Howard Government, not Andrew Wilkie, which has emerged vindicated.” — Andrew Bolt, June 23, 2003

You fasten all the triggers/ For the others to fire/ Then you sit back and watch/ When the death count gets higher/ You hide in your mansion/ While the young people’s blood/ Flows out of their bodies/ And is buried in the mud

— With thanks to Bob Dylan

Peter Fray

This crisis will cut hard and deep but one day it will be over.

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