Midday, and the Greens campaign and press bus -- that is, Richard Di Natale, two advisers and me in a maxi-taxi -- pull up in Glenroy, in a side street, between the Chicken Shack and the TAB, there for a visit to the early polling place, in an old deserted menswear store. Cold, and the wind whipping through the old shops, the sagging weatherboards.

There's a woman walking past on the other side, swaddled against the cold, a beautiful white and turquoise headscarf on. "It's you," she says to Di Natale. She comes closer. We tense, relax when we see she's brown skinned.

"I saw you and I wanted to thank you." Then the words tumble out. She's a refugee, from Iran, three months here, after three years in Nauru, another victim of that useless processional.