As this unnecessarily long election campaign draws to a close, residents in the seat of Brisbane are looking forward to getting their letterbox space back after two months of party propaganda. A tipster in the affluent suburb of Hendra received this letter from Labor candidate Pat O’Neill spruiking his party’s policies on marriage equality disguised as a love letter complete with love hearts drawn in crayon.

Image of letter from Pat O'Neill with love hearts

Image of letter from Pat O'Neill with love hearts

Pat O’Neill might be trying the “why can’t we all get along” method of schmoozing voters, but his opposition is having none of it. A couple of Brissie tipsters got in touch to let us know they’d received this letter (also uploaded to Reddit) in their mailboxes, saying a vote for Pat O’Neill is a vote for killing Brisbane’s night life:

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But who is this person, why do they hate lockout laws, and why are they trying to swing federal votes on what is actually a state government issue? Our tipster went on the hunt for more information at the address listed on the letter, and despite having a nasty run-in with a territorial bush turkey in one of Brisbane’s leafier streets in the process, managed to dredge up who was behind this.

“Rose Stunzer” is a real person (although her name is misspelled on the mailout), who appears in a video on the Facebook page of the No Curfew campaign, which is fighting against the lockout laws Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s government is bringing in. “A. Ghicelscu” (also misspelled) is Alex Ghiculescu, the co-founder of a payroll start-up called Tanda and regular authoriser of political messaging put out by the No Curfew campaign. Interestingly, No Curfew co-ordinator Roderick Schneider, a former Queensland Young LNP president, former national Young Liberals president and former participant on SBS’ Go Back To Where You Came From, is listed at the same address as Ghiculescu.

Perhaps next time the No Curfew team should refrain from putting their home addresses on their campaign material.