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Jun 30, 2016

Razer: the EU itself, not a ‘racist’ underclass, will cause Europe’s downfall

The European Union is an unelected troika and has improved the lives of only select Europeans, especially Germans.

Helen Razer — Writer and Broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and Broadcaster

All under heaven is chaos; the situation is excellent. Mao Zedong first uttered something like these words, although it may have been Premier Zhou. Who may have been relating the story of the Monkey King for the amusement of US secretary of state Henry Kissinger. Who may have misunderstood.

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13 thoughts on “Razer: the EU itself, not a ‘racist’ underclass, will cause Europe’s downfall

  1. Kevin Herbert

    It’s a tabloid-like cheap shot to accuse Farage of being fascist? Wheres the compelling evidence?
    Oh of course it’s in the faux liberal UK Guardian, and other likeminded UK State sponsored media, who’ve been in full character assassination mode leading up to the vote. Next you’ll be telling us that Enoch Powell was a fascist.

    Farage is a visionary who has for the past 16 years played a key role in facilitating the greatest geo-political upheaval since 1945. And in doing so he’s opened the door for similar moves in other EU countries, which will hopefully lead to the speedy dismantling of the EU, and therefore the current unfettered power of Brussels and the ECB, and their criminal bankster mates at the US Federal Reserve & the Bank of England.

    This is hopefully, the first small step to replacing the current oligarch-owned Tory & Labour Party MP’s who’ve taken their master’s shilling for the past century or so. The emerging bloodbath in Labour’s parliamentary wing will be very enlightening indeed, as will the Tory contest.

    Finally, Farage’s EU Parliament speech was a masterful study in ‘up yours’ political gloating….a real David & Goliath moment which is clearly one of the my personal highlights for 2016 to date.

    1. Draco Houston

      Good work not even reading the damn headline before commenting, let alone the article.

      1. Helen Razer

        Why do you hate free speech, Draco?

        1. Kevin Herbert

          Draco: huh?

  2. pertina1

    You’re obviously smarter than me Draco…I actually read this article (or most of it anyhow) before giving up. And no, it’s nothing to do with hating free speech Helen, it’s hating the waste of time reading such nonsense; if I wanted such ill informed and biaised critiques of the EU I’d have subscribed to a News Ltd tabloid.

    1. Helen Razer

      Hi, P. I can’t do anything about your view that I am ill-informed, other than say “no, I’m not!” Which is just embarrassing for everybody. But, I can say that there is, to my knowledge, no News Corp publication that would publish this view, which is as impatient with the EU (if my take is too ill-informed, I suggest Varoufakis’, Tariq Ali’s or Mark Blyth’s more credentialed but nearlt identical ones) as it is with UKIP.

      1. pertina1

        Perhaps ill informed was wrong; I’ll replace with narrowly informed, given the “more credentialed” sources you cite. Ali and Blyth are articulate commentators and I’m certainly not an austerity advocate myself. However, having lived and worked in the EU, for extended periods, over the past 4 decades I have a significantly more positive and I believe more balanced perspective.

  3. Grumpy Old Sod

    I for one think this is a good article with which I have much to agree. The only problem, not with the article but with the characters within is that Farage, while being a classic far right populist is pummeling all the tender points of a laissez-faire/neocon world view which, as Helen has noted, is furthering a few at the expense of the many. Hence his popularity. I don’t like him nor do I like Trump but the problem with both is that their adversary is far, far worse.

    1. Helen Razer

      Yes, GOS. There is a reason that many Republicans have thrown their support behind Clinton, and it’s not Trump’s racism. It’s her commitment to the finance sector. Still, I don’t know if we could say that anyone is worse, other than the fact that the apparently liberal neolibs are very good at dressing up their belief in inequality as tolerance. (Probably even to themselves.) Many persons seem to believe that ugly speech should be avoided at all costs, even if that means allowing ugly policy to play out in real lives.

  4. AR

    If MzRaz were even ill informed it would be a vast improvement on this fact free, overlong preamble to a content void.
    I try to read her output but usually the sheer fatuity of the opinions overwhelms before I reach the end.
    Which is a pity because, occasionally, she can make a valid point and those rare occurrences are never when her prolix verbosity is unleashed.
    Less is more.

  5. Charlie Chaplin

    So nice to read an article that doesn’t have the assumption that Brexit is bad- so logically the EU is good

    I don’t read or watch the mainstream media at all, yet I’ve come across that assumption a frightening number of times.

    Brexit could be a good thing for the British people, if its rulers obey the referendum and IF they shake off Neoliberalism: if they don’t do the latter, the British people will be punished for bucking a system that made so much money for so few.

  6. Dog's Breakfast

    Ha, missed this article HR, must have been on holidays. Said something the other day on a GR rumble that the assumption that Brexit was the product of racism completely misses the point.

    There are very good reasons to leave the EU, forget the immigration angle. The EU is a failed experiment, only those above the waterline don’t know that it’s sinking. It is as progressive as the World Bank, the IMF, the US Fed etc, in other words, not at all. It’s just more status quo ensuring by those who benefit from the status quo.

    The break up of the EU, possibly followed by the break up of the US, will lead to chaos initially but may be seen to be the best thing that happened to western democracy. Perhaps we can stop telling ourselves how well we are doing while so many go under. The entire system is so horribly messed up it’s hard to know where to start, but the crushing of the neo-liberal experiment is a good place to start, and that means that the structures that support the neo-liberal experiment have to come down.

    End game coming closer. Trump victorious. What a year.