Some people just don’t know how to retire. A tipster tells us that Bronwyn Bishop is struggling with the concept:

“It seems rejected Mackellar MP, Bronwyn Bishop, is still entertaining hopes of reprising her career in parliament. It’s an open secret she is telling her former followers to ‘have a break for a while, I’ll be back in 3 years — just don’t tell Jason’ (Jason Falinski, the Liberal’s candidate for the seat). Bronwyn is, of course, absent in the campaign in support of her replacement in stark contrast to Philip Ruddock who is campaigning heavily on behalf of his replacement, Julian Leeser, in the seat of Berowra.

“Meanwhile in the adjoining seat of Warringah held by former PM, Tony Abbott, the campaign team is concerned about a backlash against Abbott. The combination of voters who simply think his day is past and those rejecting his conservative values is causing problems.”