The donkey vote factor could come into play this year, with academics writing that intentional informal voting is on the rise with the disaffected youth. This morning in Melbourne there was a different type of donkey vote. Given the choice between the Shorten pile of carrots and the Turnbull pile of carrots, Willow the donkey has voted for Bill Shorten to lead the country after July 2.

Donkey Vote 1

Even though Malcolm Turnbull is the punters’ favourite to win the election at $1.10 to Shorten’s $7, Willow had other ideas, choosing the Labor leader. In true form of donkey votes, Willow seemed disinterested in politics and quickly changed her mind when she saw a similar pile of carrots offered by Turnbull. Maybe she was just looking to see if there were Greens on the table. The stunt, set up by an online betting company, just makes us miss Paul the psychic octopus.