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Jun 28, 2016

The heartrending tragedy of Andrew Bolt, the most persecuted man in Australia

Andrew Bolt, the most-read columnist in Australia, who occupies the airwaves both visual and auditory for two hours every weeknight, is marginalised and underprivileged. And he has a sad, you guys.

Poor Andrew Bolt. The man is billed as Australia’s most-read columnist. And he’s certainly the most prolific (he has a blog updated several times a day, a twice-weekly column syndicated across the News Corp tabloid network, a nightly TV show and a nightly radio show). But he doesn’t do it for love. Rather, he’s compelled to speak out — he’s the lone soldier in a one-man culture war against the elites who would seek to silence him, and through him, the voices of the “real Australia” (his phrase) he claims to represent.

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21 thoughts on “The heartrending tragedy of Andrew Bolt, the most persecuted man in Australia

  1. Kevin Herbert


  2. aliso6

    as long as he gets media oxygen, he is happy. Bolta has nothing to give to a civilized society.

  3. Paddlefoot

    Bolt claims to argue ‘only what I know is true’ .. and then claims “.. In fact, it was the Left, who in Germany voted for National Socialist leader ..” presumably in 1933. In fact the Left was represented by the SPD and the KPD , and – even though the Reichstag had been torched 5 days prior to the election – the Nazis needed the votes of their coalition partner the DNVP to get a working majority. The rest is history.
    In Bolt’s world, it’s OK to be rude and it’s OK to be wrong if it suits your narrative.

  4. (the other) HR Nicholls

    The biggest glass jaw in the game.

  5. Mark M

    … Thanks god for Bolt who has the “courage” to tell NASA and pretty much all serious scientific institutions that the have the maths wrong on global temperature. It’s impossible to take the man seriously when he continuously claims he is the voice of reason when he is simply a professional troll providing comfort to a frightened and ignorant group in public seeking to blame others for their lot.

  6. Ian Porteous

    Here’s a suggestion. Maybe on one day Bolt could write a column and the next day he could argue with himself. Cut us out of the equation. Win Win.

  7. klewso

    Are his readers so dumb, that they don’t know where he’s coming from?

    1. klewso

      And who’s more elite – and indulged – than one of Rupert’s Golden Ones?

    2. AR

      Indubitably, else he’d not be paid bigbuck$ to continue churning out his malicious, malevolent mendacity.
      Clickbait rools and Blot is de Man.

  8. John Newton

    I find it hard to understand how he can continue to deny the stolen generation. It’s like arguing against the holocaust. It happened. I have at least two friends who were stolen.

    1. Joe Fitzpatrick

      In his defence, he doesn’t deny individual cases – just a wholesale government policy. It’s all semantics anyway – there didn’t need to be an official nationwide program – racism and prejudice were effective enough in creating the stolen generation.

  9. mikeb

    He’s pretty noisy for someone who’s being silenced.

  10. Sammy

    He’s white noise with a glass jaw. No one serious takes him seriously.

    1. richard ryan

      But he is Murdoch’s super Troll.