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Not so screwed. Bill Shorten's statement to Kyle and Jackie O that he went into a strip club once or twice, but left "as soon as I realised what it was", is an instant bullshit classic, right up there with Bill Clinton's statement on marijuana. Well, we'll take him at his word, but one veteran from his student politics days remembers it differently. "The Victorian Labor Right loved lapdance clubs! They were new and 'cutting edge' at the time. They used to frequent Santa Fe in Russell St, next to the (now gone) Greater Union cinema. Made them feel like they were Scarface or something." Sounds like Bill might have wandered in and left. He tried it, but he didn't impale. Candidates light up. While Bill Shorten says he doesn't remember seeing any naked ladies in his past, one candidate can't forget her experience -- and is actually quite proud of it. Sally Baillieu, the Arts Party candidate for the seat of Dunkley, will be familiar to many fans of classic Australian rock:
"In 1980, legendary Australian band Australian Crawl released their Album, The Boys Light Up, and it went on to achieve Platinum, five times. It still ranks among the top selling Australian albums of all time. The cover featured a naked sunbathing girl on the beach at Mount Eliza, with the five band members standing in the shallows. 36 years later, the girl who featured in that iconic cover photo is standing as the Arts Party candidate for Dunkley."
For those whose memories are as rusty as Bill Shorten's, here's the cover:

australian crawl