Last night on Channel Nine, a commercial break on Millionaire Hot Seat, hosted by Eddie McGuire, cut away to a news update featuring paparazzi footage of Eddie McGuire in his car as the voice-over told viewers he had been slammed by the Prime Minister for his comments about Age football journalist Caroline Wilson. Which led one viewer to muse that Nine had gone from Millionaire Hot Seat to footage of an actual millionaire in a hot seat.

While on the subject, Fairfax's Miki Perkins has a nice piece in The Age about the six women behind footy podcast Outer Sanctum. The whole McGuire/Wilson controversy flared up because after seeing a short story about the comments, made on Triple M, on Sporting News, The Outer Sanctum's hosts wondered why it hadn't appeared elsewhere. They discussed it on the podcast, which was heard by freelance sports journalist Erin Riley, who then transcribed and shared the comments, prompting their wide distribution a week after they were first made. As Riley noted on her own post: