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Jun 16, 2016

Have the Libs been funneling your tax dollars into donations for themselves?

What is Parakeelia? And has it done anything wrong? Crikey intern Charlie Lewis explains.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Yesterday Bill Shorten took his first jabs at the Coalition over the Parakeelia scandal, although the story was broken by The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday last week (perhaps taking the time to check nothing similar was happening in the ALP), calling for an urgent inquiry into the “scam”. But what is Parakeelia exactly? And why is it causing headaches for the Libs?

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3 thoughts on “Have the Libs been funneling your tax dollars into donations for themselves?

  1. peterh_oz

    There’s a massive difference between a private company who are paid for their services (Labor) and a company owned by the head of a party (Liberal) which is headquartered at the same address as the party and which “donates” its “profits” to that party. Yes it may be a company, but in name only. It is not a company which competes for business (which should be a pre-requisite for taxpayer funding!) nor is it donating at arms’ length in the way other companies are donating. It is the equivalent of the Liberal-appointed NBN board choosing to “donate” to the Liberals!

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    How would the Tele write this one up if it was Labor in the same position.

    It would be headlines and front pages for weeks. Not a peep out of them though.

  3. klewso

    “Paraphilia – what goes around comes around – paying yourself for a hand-job”?