Former NSW police detective Roger Rogerson was yesterday convicted of murdering drug dealer Jamie Gao. The long-awaited conviction has allowed previously suppressed evidence about a string of murders Rogerson is alleged to have committed to come to light.

It’s probably not a comfortable morning for shock jock Alan Jones, who launched Rogerson’s book in 2009. Back then Jones interviewed Rogerson, telling listeners:

“I’m not one of those politically correct people, and it mightn’t be politically correct to say it, but if we had — you talk to people at the grass roots — if we had a few more of the man I’m about to speak [to] then we’d have few, fewer problems in society confronting society at the moment. A bit of old-style policing wouldn’t do any harm.”

“Old-style policing”, in this instance, appears to include allegations of half a dozen murders and dealing drugs. Might be time for an update, Alan …

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