Jun 15, 2016

Morrison’s deficit blow-out: doubled, trebled or quadrupled?

One of the major parties does indeed, in the words of Scott Morrison, have an "absolutely howling shocker" of a record on managing the deficit. But it ain't Labor, writes econometrics writer Alan Austin.

Treasurer Scott Morrison lambasted Labor’s legacy on Friday’s ABC radio AM program and curtailed any Coalition criticism. He used, effectively, a trick his side gets away with all too easily.

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Wouldn’t Labor be perfectly entitled to argue they’ve been forced to accept some of your cuts because they’ve been left in a disastrous fiscal position with the disastrous legacy of your government. 

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10 thoughts on “Morrison’s deficit blow-out: doubled, trebled or quadrupled?

  1. bjb

    Pointing out how hopeless the LNP is at managing anything seems to fall on deaf ears. The LNP and their shills continually push the line that they are the better economic managers, despite all evidence to the contrary. I heard a vox pop on the radio earlier today with one person saying they would be voting LNP precisely because they were better at managing the economy than Labor. Go figure.

  2. zut alors

    What’s the bet there would be no ‘budget emergency’ even if the LNP increased the deficit tenfold. Only Labor can be accused of ‘budget emergency’. Apparently.

  3. Frank Johansen

    It happens all too often on the ABC. The journalist asks a question and then lets the Coalitions go off on a party political broadcast with no further intervention from the journalist.
    I love the ABC but there has been a distinct bias towards the Coalition this election.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    Not only that, but ‘managing the economy’ and ‘managing the budget’ are actually entirely different things, and oftentimes managing the economy requires you to blow out the budget.

    As Labor did, with one-off payments.

    Or the LNP can do it during times of great prosperity, giving away tax cuts and superannuation concessions that leave the budget in structural deficit after a boom.

    It takes a special talent to be that bad, and still call yourself ‘the better economic manager’.

  5. bushby jane

    Totally depressing. There is a desperate need for better qualified journalists interviewing politicians like ‘the hammer drill’ Morrison, for a start being able to get a word in edgewise. Although I suspect more people a being turned off by his abrasive style.

  6. The Old Bill

    And then there is that strange foreign finance minister, Mathias Cormann, who obviously was allowed in before we stopped the boats.
    His message seems to be “Jobs are gross” Every time he is asked a question by even reasonable presenters like Leigh Sales, he just mutters “Turnbool Garmament stands for jobs are gross.”

    I presume that means we just increase the deficit some more and stop working?

  7. Neil Hogan

    It makes me laugh when they say Labor has no plan, especially after all the detailed and costed policies Labor have released, and yet the Liberal’s budget, which is their election campaign, is nothing more than a list of Headings looking for a stories that might give them some form of substance no matter how malleable they might be.

    It really beggars belief!!

  8. Rex Bevan

    Great article, every Labour frontbencher should be required to memorize it!
    They should also memorise the trajectory of the total hours worked figures, they give the lie to the Governments line that their employment policies are working.

  9. AR

    Brissenden is not the only innumerate churnalist promoted into a prominence undeserved.
    It’s not just that he doesn’t prepare before interviews but doesn’t grasp the need to do so.
    A waste of space & oxygen.

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