Jun 10, 2016

Dangerous fluid ideology taught to our kids

Children as young as nine are being taught to mix bleach with their favourite drink, cordial. The bleach represents Jesus (yes, we are confused too). And they are supposed to love Jesus ...

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


A lesson taught by the religious instruction program Connect in Queensland schools teaches kids as young as nine to mix cordial with dangerous poison as a representation of sin.


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15 thoughts on “Dangerous fluid ideology taught to our kids

  1. extra

    Piffle. If the youngsters are pure in the eyes of the Lord, He wouldn’t let the bleach harm them, would He?

    1. Nathan Lee

      Supposedly those who are pure can drink poison without being harmed and play with snakes. There’s been a few evangelical types in the USA die trying to prove this with snakes.

  2. zut alors

    This merely confirms my conviction that religion should not be part of the State school syllabus.
    If parents wish their offspring to be taught fantastic (ie: fantasy) tales & indoctrinated with unscientific dreck they have the option to pay for it via private school education. That’s democracy in action.

  3. Dawn Oz

    Teaching children that they are ‘sinful’, isn’t helping them develop a moral framework based on kindness and thoughtfulness. There is no ‘salvation’, just a way of helping them develop values, from the easy ones around not hurting people and animals, through to more difficult ones such as ‘border protection’. Rather than thinking about say, Solemon’s wisdom, they are taught about a magic sky fairy. This is not helpful psychology. Sin ‘n salvation doesn’t help develop moral frameworks.

  4. Elbow Patches

    When our kids were in primary school we got the impression that class teachers needed the half hour that RE took up to do some non contact preparation tasks, and that was why we were being encouraged to ‘give it a go’ when first expressing our preference not to. After a year of trying it out we decided it was not for us, but an adequate alternative was not provided. Non religious families were treated as an aberration and an inconvenience.No wonder many non religious families still attend. If you don’t, your kids may feel like outsiders -well that was then – I hope it’s changed.

    1. Cathy Collins

      No, it hasn’t changed. Not at all.

  5. Mike Smith

    I used to use it as an opportunity to read whatever book I was interested in at the time. 🙂

  6. pinkocommierat

    The Sydney Diocese isn’t representative of Anglicanism but that doesn’t stop them getting all the media attention. You can see from this article that they have some dodgy ideas.

  7. Philip Hunt

    Really, Josh? Whatever the religious merits or demerits underlying such lessons, object lessons have long been a part of child education. Naive in the extreme to leap from a cordial/bleach object lesson to being “taught to add poison” to their drinks. This is no more dangerous to our kids than letting them read Harry Potter. Or watching TV.

    1. Ken Dally

      No Philip, your analogy with Harry Potter is misleading and totally misses the very real danger of telling children to mix a very dangerous corrosive compound with cordial. When mixing chemicals in say a science class, appropriate protection is worn and the dangers of the substances involved fully explained. Regardless of anyone’s religious or no religious beliefs this is a very dangerous situation that could lead to hospitalisation or death if kids tried it outside a supervised environment. We tell people to never store toxins in food or beverage containers, yet here is a group of unqualified ignorant fools encouraging it.

    2. Dawn Oz

      I wouldn’t use bleach with primary children.

  8. AR

    Well at least they are not learning about tolerance and sexuality like those evil Safe Skooler types want to shove down their throats.

  9. StefanL

    Echoes of Jonestown ?

  10. Dog's Breakfast

    Christianity and public schools should not be mixed, lest they form a dangerous by-product in a vessel that appears externally harmless!

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