Your correspondent’s little crib of the Boy Bramston’s take on the Greens last week, gained immediate attention — from the Boy Bramston. Readers will recall that I pointed out that the Boy believes that the Greens are a protest party. In fact, in most of the places where the Greens are in contention, they simply represent the social class of the people who have moved there — knowledge workers, mainly. Not exactly e=mc2, but it was too much for the Boy. “Does anybody ever understand what the hell Guy Rundle is on about?”, he asked, which might suggest why the ALP’s inner-city strategy has been a shambles from the get-go.

Now cometh Tim Ayres, NSW secretary of the AMWU, who would like to get in his snit about teh Greenz:

Yeah, the Greens — teachers, public servants, office workers, students — those elite bastards, hey. Not like our Tim, who, according to his bio:

“… served as a director of industry superannuation funds, is a director of the NSW Industry Capability Network and a Director of the McKell Institute, a progressive think tank.”

So not a member of the elites then, thank God. Even better is the distinction between his bio pic (here), the daggy lovable unionist, for the members, and his Twitter avatar — the brooding, black T-shirted Heston Blumenthal lookalike, in what appears to be a wine bar. Or maybe his cellar. God knows what the Greens have done to earn his ire — push for the complete abolition of the ABCC when Labor didn’t have the guts to, I guess.