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Jun 7, 2016

Seats to watch: storm-ravaged northern Tasmania, where the winds of change roar

The storm has brought Malcolm Turnbull to Tasmania -- but Bass, Braddon and Lyons had has attention anyway.

Andrew Nikolic and Malcolm Turnbull point at a lobster on the campaign trail in Launceston
Andrew Nikolic and Malcolm Turnbull on the campaign trail in Launceston, pointing at lobsters.

As they count the cost of the southward-moving storm front that has already brought some of the state’s worst flooding on record, voters in northern Tasmania can at least console themselves that disaster chose to strike their electorally sensitive turf in the midst of a federal election campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Seats to watch: storm-ravaged northern Tasmania, where the winds of change roar

  1. johnd

    Certainly there is a whif of desperation coming off the “three amigos”, Hutchinson in particular. He has never been a player for his electorate, only for his party, regularly supporting decisions that have a negative impact on his electorate without a whimper.
    Lately he has moved into overdrive, pork-barreling with the best of them. this has prompted his electorate to ask why this money has only become available now, in the electoral run-up.
    His desperation has extended to an amazing run of facebook posts; happy snaps running to over 10/day. He has suddenly found a new will to connect to his electorate.
    Sorry, Eric. You’ve already demonstrated you don’t care. Photos at cake stalls just aren’t going to cut it.

  2. Geoffrey Briot

    In advancing reasons for the ALP’s 1975 defeat in Bass, Bowe fails to mention the most crucial: this byelection was unnecessarily sparked by Whitlam’s incredibly indulgent – and untimely – ambassadorial appointment to Sweden of the long-serving sitting member Barnard. Whitlam’s loyalty in granting his former Deputy’s wish for a cushy retirement is perhaps only rivalled by Abbott’s loyalty in resisting the obvious imperative to retire the limpet Credlin.