Leading Republican Paul Ryan today conceded what he’d awkwardly refused to say for months: he’ll vote for Donald Trump …

But there’s a bigger endorsement to come. You can expect it any day.

Rupert Murdoch said last year that Trump was “embarrassing his friends … [and] the whole country”. He was “talking nonsense” and “losing it” in November. He wondered if he’d “gone too far” in December and questioned his “thin skinned” nature. He told him to “calm down” and “cool it” in February.

But since Murdoch went on post-martial Twitter exile in March (as the “luckiest AND happiest man in world“) the relationship with Trump has also cosied. As Trump told Michael Wolff in a Hollywood Reporter piece published yesterday:

“Rupert is a tremendous guy. I think Rupert is one of the people I really respect and like. And I think Rupert respects what I’ve done … he’s a tremendous guy and I think we have a very good relationship.”

The fix is in. Trump for president.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey