From the campaign

Fiona Brooke writes: Re. “Dispatches from the gaffe war as the battle of idiots heats up” (Friday). Pure gold Bernard. I don’t know whether to wish you more gold in the coming weeks to enable you to spin such wonderful words around, or wish us all some relief with commonsense and logic making an attempt to derail stupidity. Whatever will be, will be.

On greyhound testing at Melbourne Uni

Fred Barton writes: Re. “Greyhounds slaughtered for dental ‘studies’ at Melbourne Uni” (May 25). Once a commodity always a commodity is the fate of racing greyhounds it seems. Seen only as a means to an end by the racing industry greyhounds have three options when they can no longer make money for their owners: Be killed outright, be sold for (usually terminal) medical research, or be adopted. An insignificant few are returned to the farms to serve as breeding stock.
It would seem difficult for Melbourne University to defend killing otherwise healthy greyhounds for a study that provided very little difference in healing outcomes,” unless of course it was necessary to maintain a grant. It’s always about money where greyhounds are concerned, and that is a true shame.
I am a Board member of Grey2KUSA Worldwide, an organization that seeks to end the commodification of these marvelous animals, both on the track and off.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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