May 26, 2016

Gloria Steinem’s ideas are feminism’s Paleo diet

Steinem has nothing to say that has not already been amply said and she offers no program for genuine social re-organisation.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Gloria Steinem, who recently appeared at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, is a noble person. Particularly if considered in relation to say, I don’t know, me. She has endured 35 more years and one more marriage than I have, but she gives her days to battle with legislators, despots, television hosts and assorted other monsters, all for the common good.

I give my days to battle with internet comments and Words With Friends. There can be no crumb of doubt that this “hopeless hopeaholic, always on the move” is morally better than most — and me, in particular. There’s a little doubt, though, that she has much that is surprising to say.

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7 thoughts on “Gloria Steinem’s ideas are feminism’s Paleo diet

  1. Carlene Colahan

    I am very unhappy about how the Crikey email described this article as Helen Razer vs Gloria Steinem. It is not only click bait, which is very annoying, but it ironically also misses the entire point about the inability of the individual to change the world, regardless of how many inspiring talks they attend.

    1. Carlene Colahan

      The email is annoying I mean not the article which I think is excellent. Gosh I am a grumpy old woman – watch out Gloria I’m coming for you and I am not at all inspiring!

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Hi Helen, for what it’s worth, I’m feeling this lethargy about it all, but that may be just as much my seasonal affective disorder (not a disorder at all, just a natural event as winter approaches).

    I’m not sure what the world would be like without the romantics, but there is a sneaking suspicion we might get off our arses and do something about the state of the world if they weren’t around. That worries me, to the extent that I could give a toss.

  3. AR

    MzRaz again flinging her toys out of the pram then whining about not having nuttin to play with.
    As usual, using hundreds of words to say SFA.

  4. JackieC

    Elizabeth Grosz was your gender studies teacher? Now I understand, (in a good way).

    1. Helen Razer

      Ha ha. Yes. She tore our tiny minds apart and replaced them with questions, Jackie.

  5. Geoffrey Heard

    Good stuff, Helen. I live in the midst of a number of “original cultures” in Rabaul, New Guinea, and I am here to tell you and anyone who wants to listen that while they have a lot to recommend them, there is also a lot of very challenging stuff that outsiders don’t know about. If they knew the half of it they would rush screaming back to their suburban sanctuaries. The best single book on “original cultures” I have ever read is Ruth Benedict’s 1934 slim volume, “Patterns of Culture”. You can still get it from Amazon. The great thing is that Benedict lets the cultures speak for themselves: a culture of generosity and cooperation on one island, a culture of paranoia, spitefulness, and bitterness on the next only a few kms away. As you say, this “original cultures” stuff is the cultural paleo diet. Get busy and solve today’s problems with the tools you’ve got. And that includes doing stuff like the USA funding REAL birth control projects in the 3rd world instead of listening to its bible bashing dick whistles who think a woman is so bloody lucky to be raped she should give birth to a rape child and go out searching for another one (or perhaps six, I mean, they are totally convinced it is all the woman’s fault. Shit, she grew her boobs, didn’t she, and only had them covered by a shapeless school tunic?!) on a regular basis. And she should dedicate the next 20+ years of her life to raising the child as a reviled single parent who went looking for it. All while making no call on the rapist or society in general, of course.
    Cheers, Geoff

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