In the spirit of the old SNL announcement that "Generalissimo Franco is still dead", the election continued to fall apart yesterday. The government's budget "black hole" in Labor's spendings was nothing of the sort; as m'colleague Keane noted, this is the latest in a long history of budget "black holes", beginning with a real one in 1987 -- "an actual counting error", as Keating gleefully said as he announced it.

The 2016 "black hole" was nothing of the sort -- simply the biggest number you could get from the most absurd assumptions (costing anything Labor had ever said about anything anywhere, and throwing it in, as well as assuming they'd restore every program the Coalition has cut), and it appeared to have backfired by the end of the day. But by now, it appears to have become compulsory, a folk activity, like clog dancing. Except no one's heart appeared to be in it. Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was so laser-like focused on it, he endorsed Bill Shorten while trying to talk up, y'know, the other guy, his leader.