ABC cuts Liberals

The ABC in Melbourne is in the middle of moving from its old studios to schmick new studios and offices at the existing Southbank site, but we hear that it has not been without issues. Last night, ABC staff received an email telling them that toasters were banned at the new premises:

ABC toasters

Staff are allowed to use a sandwich press, but they must supervise their toasties while the cheese melts. The news hasn’t been received well by some staff:

“Staff at ABC Melbourne have been told that they can’t have toasters in the new kitchens of their new building due to the ‘sensitivity’ of smoke detectors. How ridiculous? No toasters? – there’s likely an increased concern someone might set the sprinklers off after they went off in the existing building a few weeks back after someone knocked a sprinkler head off and caused severe flooding of two radio studios (and damage to studio 38 where news breakfast is filmed) … But seriously, no toasters?!?!”

Ms Tips understands that the national broadcaster’s undeniable bias against warm bread is not new, but that some staff had been adept at hiding such allegiances/appliances until now. The process of moving has, of course, elicited grumbles, including from staff that now find their offices and studios on different levels.