While much attention has been paid to lower house candidates, a tipster says voters in Hobart have been bombarded with posters of Labor Senator Lisa Singh, who faces a struggle to get re-elected to the upper house. Our tipster says “I’ve received a postal vote application from her, she has corflute signs with her name and picture around the area and there is a big LED billboard on corner of Elizabeth and Federal St, North Hobart with her name and picture.”

Lisa Singh Hobart

“I’ve only seen her signs around, nothing from any other ALP candidates, not even for the lower house candidate for Denison, who has the best chance of beating Wilkie. Nor even general ALP voting signs,” the tipster said.

Singh was dropped to the sixth place on Labor’s Senate ticket earlier this month, behind senators Anne Urquhart, Helen Polley, Carol Brown and Catryna Bilyk and union leader John Short. It’s almost certainly unwinnable, and Singh has told the The Mercury “Being re-elected would still take something pretty special and historic”. Before the double dissolution election was announced, Singh had been relegated to fourth place on the ticket and had blamed factional deals for her position on the ticket. Looks like she isn’t going down without a fight.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey