Fairfax reporter and Crikey alumnus Matthew Knott has noticed a trend already as we enter week three of the election, where Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will be asked questions by The Australian’s Joe Kelly and will respond the same way. We’ve found three instances so far. Is it becoming a trend?

JOURNALIST: Would a Labor Government commit to funding the Safe Schools program post 2017? Would you keep the changes Education Minister Simon Birmingham has made and would you support closing the religious exemptions on anti-discrimination laws?

SHORTEN: Thanks for those three questions, Joe. — Wednesday 18/05/16

JOURNALIST: When he is in Canberra, David Feeney stays at a unit that is owned through the family trust of his wife. He hasn’t specifically listed or declared the unit, he has declared the family trust. Are you confident that he’s met his obligations? Were you aware of the unit and have you stayed there?

SHORTEN: Thanks for those three questions, Joe. — Thursday 19/05/16

JOURNALIST: Mr Shorten, how do you justify politicians claiming the cost of staying in Canberra as a tax deduction? Do you do that? Would you commit to tightening or stopping that practice if you win government?

SHORTEN: Thanks for those three questions, Joe. — Sunday 22/05/16