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May 23, 2016

‘Devastating’ OzCo grants just the tip of the iceberg

The Australia Council budget cuts are even worse than they seem. And the worst is yet to come.

Ben Eltham — <em>Crikey</em> arts commentator

Ben Eltham

Crikey arts commentator

The dust has settled on the wreckage left by the Australia Council’s May funding round. Plenty has been written already, as artists, critics and arts workers around the country lament the disastrous decisions.


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7 thoughts on “‘Devastating’ OzCo grants just the tip of the iceberg

  1. zut alors

    It could get worse. Remember September 2013 when Tony Abbott believed it was not necessary to include a Science Minister in his cabinet? Perhaps the Coalition may decide they apportion so little funding to the arts that an Arts Minister is superfluous to needs.

    1. helen johnson

      Maybe no arts minister would be no loss – I can’t think of anything Brandis or Fifield have done that is actually in the interests of Australian art and culture

  2. Awmy Gaaaahd

    Jeez and some artists manage to be ‘brave and visionary’ without bucket loads of government funding, it’s a mystery.

    1. Dylan Nicholson

      Perhaps because some types of arts are inherently more commercially viable – i.e. anything that is easily reproduced and that can be easily marketed to stand out against the bombardment of commercially produced entertainment options that are in our face all the time. But the arts have historically almost never been “profitable” in their own right, they have always required the backing of generous benefactors who see value beyond immediate monetary gain.
      A democratically elected government is free to decide how much commonwealth funding should be put towards the arts, and its decisions are at least answerable to the people. I’d like to think cuts like this are met with the appropriate response at the ballot box.

  3. greg hocking

    Perhaps some of the ridiculous $24million in staffing costs could be released to artists now that the bureaucrats have so much less to do.Memorably Keating imposed a cut just on out of control arts bureaucracy without any loss of “output”.

  4. AR

    When the yartz are any good they don’t need public funding.
    The rest are wankers who are worth feeding.

  5. Rodney Scherer

    Vote 1 The arts party. it is your opportunity to send a message the arts matter. OZ co is there to support new work! Bottom line! slashing funding is just a continuance of the governance by avoidance that permeates the world

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