They can’t take a trick these days. Quadrant editor-in-chief and former advocate of LSD and peasant revolution Keith Windschuttle had a borderline rational rant about the Australia Council’s leftist revenge, after Quadrant lost the last of its OzCo funding — along with leftist magazine Meanjin, leftish youth theatre company ARENA and other groups — in the recent four-year funding awards. That wasn’t enough, and Q decided to “name and shame” the gatekeepers doling out the cash. Sadly, they got the wrong gatekeepers, naming at least one assessor who had nothing to do with the four-year funding decision. In a groveling front-page correction — “Steered wrong” — Quadrant noted that they’d removed the article. Is it ever so slightly possible that the magazine lost its gumment funding because of this sort of thing — that among the poetry and short stories it had become a batshit crazy spite slum? That is entirely possible.

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